Updated on 1/11/2017
Product Capabilities
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appsFreedom™ is a leader in connecting “disconnected” processes, people and things with its patented and award-winning Model-Driven, Enterprise Rapid App Development Platform, empowering anyone without specific mobile programming skills, to easily build sophisticated enterprise offline and online Mobile as well as Web apps, fully integrated to IT’s core applications, in hours and days. The appsFreedom Platform is a high productivity platform to collaborate, build, deploy and run apps in a multi-channel, multi-device environment. Apps are built once and deployed for all devices in the cloud, on-premise or in a hybrid model. 

It is an end-to-end solution that covers:

  • End-to-end App development
  • Offline Mobile apps enabling anyone to work from remote locations for hours & days
  • Deep integration into any backend application
  • Integrate to IoT enabled devices, even from locations with limited or no connectivity
  • Deployment, security, authentication and authorization
  • App analytics

The appsFreedom Platform combines the power of cloud-computing, mobile technology, offline computing and rapid app development to turn developers into super-developers and empower non-professional developers to build offline and online  apps in days, fully integrated to their enterprise systems on various smartphones, tablets and web browsers. That means everyday processes are streamlined from nearly any angle, making the business more nimble, flexible and responsive than ever before