Updated on 11/9/2017
Infrastructure Setup
Infrastructure Setup Overview
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Infrastructure Setup Overview

The appsFreedom Platform supports multiple deployment options and the infrastructure setup steps vary slightly depending on the deployment option. The three deployment options supported by appsFreedom are -

  • Public Cloud: The Freedom Manager is hosted in the Public Cloud, fully managed by appsFreedom. This is a highly secure solution and provides multiple options of Freedom Plugin installation, depending on the requirements
  • Private Cloud: The Freedom Manager is hosted in a Private Cloud, either fully managed by appsFreedom or the Client. This is again a highly secure deployment option and provides multiple options for Freedom Plugin installation
  • On-Premise: The Freedom Manager is installed inside the customer’s firewall. The Freedom Plugin may or may not be required, depending on the app requirements and source system integration needs.


Similarly appsFreedom provides multiple deployment options for deploying apps on the devices. The three app deployment options supported are –

  • Over-The-Air (OTA) Deployment: This deployment mechanism is a corporate / private app deployment mechanism where a secure URL is provided to known users and users deploy the apps on their devices using an OTA method
  • MDM/MAM software: This deployment mechanism using a MDM/MAM software and its defined policies to deploy apps on the devices
  • Device app stores: This deployment mechanism uses the app stores (E.g. Apple App stores, Google Play, etc.) to deploy the apps on the devices.


The Infrastructure setup consists of the following major steps, that varies slightly depending on the deployment option chosen -

Backend / Source system Configuration

    • Download the Freedom Plugin
    • Install Freedom Plugin (one for each landscape. E.g. One Freedom Plugin for Development, One for QA and one for Production landscape)
    • Revise Firewall configuration to allow communication between Freedom Plugin (inside firewall) and Freedom Manager (In Cloud)

Frontend / Device Configuration

    • Device Provisioning
    • Deployment
      • Over-The-Air app deployment
      • Deploying using MDM/MAM software
      • Deployment using public app stores

NOTE: Some of the above steps may be optional and not required based on the deployment method chosen. Please work with an appsFreedom deployment specialist to choose the best deployment mechanism for your needs.