Updated on 1/11/2017
Implementation Game Plan
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The appsFreedom™ Implementation Game Plan is a comprehensive guide to document the tasks, resources responsible for each task, associated target dates, and task dependencies on each other. The objective of the document is to gain awareness of the tasks to be achieved and the status of the implementation of each task at any given time.

This guide enables you to understand what to expect and when during the implementation and how to execute the project.

We, at appsFreedom, understand that mobilizing a business process is no small feat and our goal is to make it as simple and easy as possible by:

  1. Productive use of resources
  2. Judicious use of time and availability
  3. Being transparent at all times

Mobilizing a business process is a collaborative effort between appsFreedom and the customer for mutual success. We want to ensure that you get a complete overview of what and how the implementation will be executed right from the initiation stage.

At the same time, appsFreedom also realizes that every implementation is unique in its own way and there might be matters that have not been addressed or issues cropping up during the implementation. We will promptly bring all such issues to your attention and would request the same from you. We will also customize the Implementation Game Plan to suit your specific needs and requirements for successful implementation.