How do I deactivate Business Users?

Business users can be  deactivated using the Business User section in the App Library module. To deactivate business users -

  1. Select ‘App Library’ from the menu.


  1. Your apps (apps created for your organization) will be listed on the right side of the screen. Select ‘Business User’ from the top menu on the screen.



  1. List of all ‘Active’ users will be displayed. Scroll up or down, use controls given at the bottom of the screen, to find the user which you want to make ‘Inactive’. Select the user by clicking in the circle (radio-button) provided next to the user’s FIRST NAME.


  1. Click on the ‘Lock’ button.


  1. Following message will be displayed. Click on ‘Lock’.



  1. Following screen will be displayed. Check the ‘ISACTIVE’ status for the selected user. If it is ‘False’, that means the user is now ‘Inactive’.