System Requirements

What deployment models do you support?

appsFreedom supports three deployment models –

  • Public cloud deployment
  • Private cloud deployment
  • On-Premise deployment

Which cloud vendors do you support?

The appsFreedom Public cloud is available on AWS and/or CenturyLink Cloud

The appsFreedom Private cloud is available on AWS, CenturyLink Cloud, Microsoft Azure and other major cloud vendors. Please contact sales for more information on the cloud vendors supported

How many cloud instances are provided?

appsFreedom provides three cloud instances to meet your landscape requirements

  • Development Cloud: Optimized for app development
  • Quality Cloud: Optimized for Quality Analysis
  • Production Cloud: Optimized for high-volume, high-performance runtime

These are separate cloud instances and not just three tenants in the same cloud

What are the system requirements for On-Premise deployments?

The appsFreedom Platform has two major components – The Freedom Manager and the Freedom Plugin.

NOTE: Hardware is sized based on concurrency, # of users deployed, peak loads and high- availability requirements. Hardware sizing may also differ between Sandbox, Development, Quality and Production environments.

What are the system requirements for mobile apps

The Freedom Apps run on any off-the-shelf iOS, Android and Windows devices. There are no specific software or other basic requirements to run the mobile apps.

Do the mobile apps need Flash or Silverlight?

No. The Freedom Apps are HTML5 Apps running inside a Native container. It does not use Flash, Silverlight or any other similar plugins.