Does appsFreedom merge data or customizations in Public Cloud?

No. appsFreedom provides a secure and isolated tenant that includes:

  • Data at rest and data in motion
  • Independent integrations to SaaS and on-premise business applications
  • Independent business rules, integrations and app generation
  • Isolated UI components, business and integration logic, adapters, data, etc

Are app communications secure?

Yes. All communications in the platform utilize secure communications such as

  • HTTPS (SSL/TLS) protocol communications
  • 256 bit encryption to prevent eves dropping
  • Secure server identification
  • Prevention of active and passive network attacks
  • Prevention of data tampering of data content during transmissions

Does appsFreedom provide controlled IP access capabilities?

Yes. appsFreedom not only provides controlled IP access capabilities but can also be enhanced for VPN and Direct Connect capabilities for Private Cloud deployments