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Updated on 10/5/2018
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Process Modeler

The appsFreedom Platform enables App developers to document the App process in a graphical process flow. This is enabled by the Process Modeler module in the appsFreedom Platform. The Process Modeler supports all the typical process flow components (such as Microsoft Visio) but is enhanced with mobile specific components such as “Take a Picture”, “Capture GPS”, and so on. This enables the App builder to document a detailed App process, including interconnectivity across Apps, that mirrors the end-user process and at the same time enables App developers to re-envision the business process, leveraging all the capabilities of a modern mobile device.


The process modeler is used to kick-start the App development process and it can generate multiple Apps from a single process. It is used to manage interconnectivity between various Apps and allows the developer to manage the impact of changes from one App to another. It also provides a visual process flow across various Apps. This tool is used when Apps are to be developed en-masse, i.e. generate multiple Apps and allows organizations to scale to tens and hundreds of Apps easily.


Process Modeler helps an App workflow in a graphical manner. It provides the general as well as mobile-specific components for modeling a process flow.



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