Administrator's Workbench
Updated on 4/17/2017
Administrator's Workbench
About Platform Configurator
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Platform Configurator

The Platform Configurator is the central module for all administration and management of the Platform. It is the administrator’s cockpit to manage the Platform.


The capabilities of the Platform Configurator are available under various sections in the module.



You can use the Platform Configurator to perform various tasks such as:


  • Organization: Configure details of the organization.

  • Platform User: Add and manage Platform Users.

  • Platform Role: Manage the Platform Roles.

  • Projects and Transports: Publish projects and BOS and transport them across various landscapes.

  • Connectivity: Configure authentication.

  • Connection Manager: Manage Connections.

  • Logs: View action Logs.

  • Synchronize: Implement synchronization.

  • Notification: Configure mail notifications.

  • BOS Scheduler: Schedule BOS to be executed at a particular time.

  • Mail: Configure mail and send through Freedom Apps.


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